New section: PREVIEWS

Recently we have added a new section that is focused on games that are in Early-Access or Alpha version, called "PREVIEWS". The main reason why we had decided to create this section was to inform our readers about exciting upcoming titles, that are yet not fully released or playable but are worth keeping your eyes on.

PC, Consoles and more!

We have been asked many times during our reviewing career, what PC do we use for gaming, on how many FPS do we run this and that game or if we have to face "lags" during reviewing. In order to answer all these questions, we have prepared a list of all available devices and equipment used for reviewing, including our gaming PC! This short summary will also give you a brief idea about the frame rate.

10 reasons to cooperate with us!

We like to keep our brand with a good reputation so we succeed in doing that by working as one well-oiled machine and by cooperating with us, you can only benefit because our work is professional and we do a lot of research before we finalize our reviews and unlike others, we aim to treat our partners with honesty and respect.